3 Bodybuilding Tips you need to know

While bodybuilding seems pretty attractive, it is a huge commitment and an intensively daunting task, especially for beginners. If you’ve been piling your body with carbs, junk food, and the likes, then chances are that the first couple of days at the gym will surely knock you out. From intense body pains to cravings for everything sweet, your body will experience turmoil as you take your first baby steps for an improved and enhanced physique.


Before you crash at the gym, consider the following three bodybuilding tips and do yourself a favour.

Lift More Weights

Try to focus on muscle gain instead of losing fat overtime. Since your primary goal is to gain more muscle, you must mentally prepare yourself for lifting more weights with time. Your priority should be to lift heavier weights as each day passes, but try not to overdo and crash them on your face. Try getting into a bodybuilding program or hire a trainer for proper guidance. Increase your body’s potential by opting for supersets and drop sets once you get stuck and fail to lift heavier weights.

Work Two Muscles At One Time

Instead of focusing on smaller muscle groups, try to focus your time at the gym on two muscle groups altogether to enhance your body potential. Since you cannot stay in the gym at all times, you have to make the most of what you have at hand, which means focusing more on compound exercises. For instance, if you’re working on the shoulder press, then focus building your triceps with your shoulders. Similarly, work on your quadriceps and hamstrings by opting for squats.

Opt for SARMs

If you’re looking for a bulking agent to help you in your bodybuilding spree, then instead of resorting to anabolic steroids, try taking Selective Androgen Receptive Molecules (SARMs) such as lgd3033 for increasing body mass, muscle, and bone density. As opposed to steroids, SARMs possess fewer to almost zero side effects and pose no harm to your liver, endocrine or reproductive system as well.