Sleek and Modern Andy Warhol arts

warhol artThe American artist Andrew Warhol, or Andy Warhol as he was known openly, led the contemporary pop art scene during his life span from August 1928 to February 1986. Warhol was one of the very few artists who enjoyed fame and popularity while still living and he had been very successful in a number of other areas besides painting. Among the first careers involved industrial illustrating. But following a stint in this area he went on to direct some quite controversial films, create documents, and write. Andy was a private Sort of personality, and there was lots of speculation regarding him during his life. His social circle was one of wonderful diversity. Unbeknown-sty too many, it was Warhol who coined the popular phrase, fifteen minutes of fame.

The Warhol Museum, Which lies in the artist’s hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the most significant dedication from the United States to one artist and his work. Another of the ways that Warhol’s artwork can live on about us is via the Andy Warhol Home Collection, a tasteful and classy collection of home decor featuring the artist’s own layouts. Notable among the tasteful items in this group are the Andy Warhol carpets andy warhol endangered species are, like the rest of the collection, divided into four major categories of style. Each class represents an era of Warhol’s life, and they are Simply Andy, Pop Abstracts, Signature, and Factory. The Simply Andy collection includes designs that hearken back to Warhol’s earliest days in pen drawing and fashion illustrating. The Pop Abstracts collection features modern pieces from the beloved pop art archives of this artist.

The Signature collection comprises all of Warhol’s most popular and recognizable pieces from every age of his career. The Factory collection draws its influence from the shading and textures of this artist’s fashion style. Among the most Popular Andy Warhol carpeting is your Blue/Brown Area Rug in the Andy’s Factory series. This piece features soft earth tones in subtly mixed gradations from shade to shade. A really elegant piece to set off any decoration, it comes in many different sizes and shapes so that it might fit into almost any space, and a number of colors also. Another classy piece From the Factory collection of Andy Warhol carpets and rugs is your Windowpane area rug. This seventy-two inch round rug features four colorful windowpane scenes on a misty background. This evocative piece makes a lovely statement in an area of any sort.